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Donkey hire (saddled or pack-saddled)

Donkey hire for treks by the hour, the day, the week…

Le Tay

56200 La Gacilly

Tél : 33 (0) 2 99 08 04 25



The Tay donkeys

Câline, Mandarine, Quitty, Asterix… want to take you on a walk.

Ride them on the footpaths around the Tay.


You can amble along these paths for a few hours or alternatively go on a trek for a few days.

The donkeys are loaded with tents and your bags before you set off, perhaps along the Nantes - Brest Canal or towards the Brocéliande forest.


Enjoy the freedom and relaxation that a donkey’s pace brings.  You will be able to experience a different aspect of the countryside and appreciate its friendly inhabitants...


Saddled ride around the Tay

Ready to set off with the picnic


At the Tay, you will find our animals to be loving, calm, careful and thoughtful, far removed from the pejorative sense of the word "donkey".  We have grown to love our donkeys and we hope we can encourage you to do the same.  Children always find the ride or trek too short: the time to say goodbye comes far too quickly.  Your time with the donkeys will be enhanced by using common sense and having consideration for the animals.  We can also provide some basic guidelines.



The donkey trek

We use the first day to allow you to get to know the donkey via a loop around the Tay.  Using our bed and breakfast or the La Gacilly camp site as a base, you can set off on a ride with one of our donkeys.  We recommend the routes along the Nantes - Brest Canal or towards the Brocéliande forest. These routes are merely suggestions which can be adapted according to how far you want to go.  However, we do encourage you not to aim to cover a huge distance; between 12 and 25km is about right.

You can take one donkey for transport (tent, bags, picnic etc) and one saddled donkey for a child.  Your child or children can alternatively walk and take a turn on the donkey, avoiding the need for them to walk the whole route.  



The not included !

Câline and Améo

Tents, mats, duvets, food…all on
the pack-saddle


Around the Tay


Once you have met the donkey we have chosen for you, and had a trial run, you are free to set off on a walk or follow one of the pathways in the surrounding area.  The donkey is equipped with a bardette, a small saddle specially adapted for a donkey.  You hold the donkey on a lead and your children (up to a weight of 40kg) can enjoy the ride on its back.


With the picnic or goûter loaded in the saddlebag, all you need to do is find a quiet area of greenery so that everyone can recharge on biscuits, crêpes or… a few tasty tufts of grass!       


At a donkey's pace,

in harmony with nature

Quitty nibbles at a few

flowers along the route


Prices for donkey hire

Prices (saddled or pack-saddled) 15 September to 15 June 15 June to 15 September
2 hour donkey hire (please book day before)



1/2 day donkey hire 23.00 25.00
1 day donkey hire 35.00 40.00
3 day donkey hire on weekdays 85.00 95.00
3 day donkey hire at weekend 105.00 115.00
1 week donkey hire 185.00 205.00
Hire of a second donkey 10% reduction 10% reduction

A deposit for donkey and equipment is required for walks of more than one day: 150


Contact us for details of harnessed donkey hire.


One donkey can carry the bags of two to three people, 40kg maximum.


The price includes donkey hire, the pack-saddle or saddle with saddlebags and other donkey equipment.


The price does not include picnics, goûters, meals, or accommodation…



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